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  • Interest Rates You Can Brag About

  • Cash out refinancing can help

    Cash is king, and it always has been. 👑 Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to come up with a little extra for projects and goals. But here's a secret: A home mortgage can help you get the cash you need. It’s called a Cash-Out [...]

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    Spring is in the air

    Spring is in the air. Do you know what else is in the air? Talk of low interest rates. If you haven’t caught wind that interest rates are historically low consider yourself an anomaly. Mortgage interest rates have continued to hover near all time [...]

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    Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

    Minneapolis, MN:  Your gotten Pre-approved for your Mortgage Loan, met with a Real Estate Agent, searched far and wide, and fallen in love with your dream house. For most people, the house choice is a lot about emotions.  So take a step back [...]

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    Refinancing with current lender is usually a mistake

    Thinking of refinancing?  Been contacted by your current lender? Your current lender sounds like a logical choice to refinance. Many people believe that "because they know you" that somehow the current lender can refinance you quicker, cheaper, [...]

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    3 reasons people stubbornly refuse to refinance

    Minneapolis, MN: Mortgage interest rates have been amazingly low the past 6 months, and according to a major data firm,  over 18 million people could benefit from a mortgage refinance, and cut an average of $304 a month off their current mortgage [...]

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    Are there no closing cost refinance loans?

    The term "no closing costs refinance loans" is a bit of a misnomer. There is no such thing as a no closing cost loan. All loans have closing costs, but you have options on how to pay them. The vast majority of people doing a mortgage refinance [...]

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    Thinking of refinancing? Here is what you need to know.

    Minneapolis / St Paul, MN:  The economy is doing great, and mortgage interest rates are at, or hovering just slightly above all time lows, which has many people thinking of refinancing. Most, but not everyone has a great interest rate, but do you[...]

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    Refinancing with your current lender is usually a mistake

    Refinancing with Your Current Lender is Usually a Mistake Minneapolis, MN: Shopping for a home loan is confusing. No matter what we're looking for -- from cars to refrigerators' -- there's a built-in element of confusion. Why? Lack of [...]

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    Refinancing Makes Sense For Over 7 Million Homeowners

    Minneapolis, MN: With average home prices continuing to rise ABOVE the 2007 pre-crash average home value, and with 30-year fixed interest rates ending the week of October 10, 2019 at just 3.57% with 0.6% in points according to the weekly Freddie Mac [...]

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    Mortgages in Retirement

    Minneapolis, MN: Retirement can be scary if you are worried about money. Survey's show a major reason for not being able to retire is still having a mortgage payment. We see two primary attitudes towards retiring with or without a mortgage. The[...]

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