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  • About Eric Metzler, Loan Officer

    Eric Metzler, Senior Loan Officer

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    NMLS 276101

    Buying or refinancing a home is one of the most exciting - and one of the most important - transactions you will ever undertake. During this sometimes stressful time there are many decisions you need to make. Eric is here to assist you in making those decisions. He will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Together you will determine which mortgage program and products are right for you.

    Eric started out in the mortgage business in 2001, originally as an assistance to his Dad, Joe Metzler, at Mortgages Unlimited until June 2019, when both Eric and his Dad switched to Cambria Mortgage to better serve their clients.

    Cambria Mortgage, is a locally owned and operated mortgage company based in Minnesota , and brought to you by the same family that brings you the industry-leading Cambria Countertops. Together we are unified to our commitment to providing all of our customers with the highest levels of quality and service in everything we do. We serve home owners in all of MN, WI, FL, SD, IA, ND, TX, CO.

    Financing a home can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned homeowner. The success of your transaction has little to do with the company you contact, and everything to do with the loan officer you are working with. As a licensed mortgage professional, not only will I just take the application and process your file, but I will show you all your different options. You tell me what you really want, and then I will advise you on what I think is best based on your needs and financial goals. I'm proud to provide solutions to each of my customers, no matter what their financing needs!

    As a fully Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, Eric has successfully taken the required education, passed stringent Federal and State Licensing tests, along with criminal background checks, and his yearly continuing education classes to be able to assist you.

    Having been here before the crash, and still here today, Eric's extensive knowledge of the mortgage process and his constant attention to the needs of his customers - ensures that your financing experience will be enjoyable. His goal is to make sure that you, as a homebuyer, understand the many financing options available. Plus, he is dedicated to ensuring that the process is as worry and hassle-free as possible. Allow him to help you achieve your dreams of home ownership.

    Not only does Eric originate his own loans, Eric is also Joe's son, and main partner. He assists with the loan application process, clearing underwriter conditions, and helping Joe get your file to a successful on time closing.

    Together, Joe and Eric have more than 40-years lending experience, making them the right choice to handle your dream purchase or refinance.

  • Joe and Eric Metzler
  • My Commitment as Your Loan Officer

    • I will return phone calls promptly.
    • I will keep all parties informed, every step of the way.
    • I will endeavor to resolving problems quickly.
    • I will following through on each transaction right through to moving day.
    • I will endeavor to act in the best interests of the customer at all times.
    • I will establish a price for services upfront, in writing, based on information provided by the customer (Loan Estimate), so that there are no surprises.
    • The price or prices will cover all the services provided by us.
    • On third party services, such as an appraisal, ordered by us, but paid for by the customer, I will provide the invoice from the third party service provider at the customer’s request. Alternatively, I may have the payment made directly by the customer to the third party service provider (example: you pay the appraiser when he is at your home).
    • I will endeavor to make my Loan Estimate as accurate as possible (unlike the "sunshine lenders", who quote rates & closing costs which are unrealistic, in order to get your business - then surprise you later).
    • I will use my best efforts to determine the loan type, features, and lender services that best meet the customer's needs, and to find the best wholesale price for that loan.
    • When directed by the customer, I will lock the terms (rate, points, and other major features) of the loan, and will provide a copy of the written confirmation of the rate lock.
    • If a customer elects to float the rate/points, we will provide the customer the best rate available to that customer on the day the loan is finally locked.