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    With a 97% post closing referral rating, we don't need expensive advertising, our clients and Real Estate Agent partners do the advertising for us!

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    Great Rates, Low Costs

    As the actual lender, we originate, underwrite, fund and close our own loans, cutting out the middleman and giving your some of the most competitive rates in the marketplace, along with some of the lowest true closing costs.

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    Award winning service, support, and technology from beginning to end. Secure online applications, online access to documents, electronic signatures, and more for a 2019 digital mortgage experience.

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    From buying your first home, or moving up to your dream home, to refinancing your existing home to lower the payment, or refinancing to get cash out for any reason, we have the programs and options you need. Apply today!

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  • With over 40-years combined lending experience, Loan Officers Joe and Eric Metzler have seen just about everything, and have an answer for your individual situation

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  • The loan process is not anywhere near as complicated as many make it out to be, plus we can make it even easier with a digital experience, or old school sit down in my office. Your choice.

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  • Your actual interest rate and closing cost will vary greatly based on many factors, including credit score, loan program, down payment size, and more. Get a free personalized rate quote. No SSN needed.

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  • Buying a home begins with reviewing your financial situation to see what loan programs you qualify for, how much house you can buy, what the payments might look like, and how much money you need to pull it altogether.

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  • MN, WI, and SD Home Mortgage Loans

    Oct 20 2019

    As a Direct Mortgage Lender, MN, WI, and SD home loans are all we do. We beat the banks, the big internet lenders, and the Realtor's in-house lender everyday with our great interest rates on home loans, and personalized service from LOCAL professional Licensed Loan Officers. Our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships by closing your home loan on time with a stress free process.

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    READY TO APPLY? Our Secure Online Mortgage Application is available 24/7. There is no application fee, and we will only move forward with an actual loan your permission after reviewing all your options with you.

  • WANT JUST A QUICK QUOTE? Complete the Quick Quote Form. This option allows our Licensed Loan Officers the opportunity to research current mortgage interest rates, refinance options and programs, then get back to you with our accurate quote.

  • Check today's mortgage interest rates based on your personal situation. Get live market mortgage rates and closing cost cost options. Pick what interest rate or closing cost option works best for you.

  • Pay off those high interest rate max'd out credit cards, with a Cash Out Refinance. Lower your total household monthly payments by hundreds of dollars by combining all your debt into one single mortgage payment. 


    We keep it simple for you! Slick advertising is not our game. We are a top MN lender, and it's not just because of our LOW mortgage rates. Its because we offer the whole package! We provides fully automated digital process, with all of the latest electronic signatures, secure document transfer, and instant approval systems. Plus we even give you instant notification for each step of your loan with our Smartphone app!

  • Shopping for a home loan has never been this easy. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date mortgage rate quote for your loan scenario, call us at 651-552-3681. Mortgage payment calculator appIf you are simply shopping for a mortgage, you can fill-out our easy Mortgage Rate Quote Form and someone from our team will contact you quickly with that information.

    You can also initiate the application process by completing our Secure Online Mortgage Application. We are committed to provided the lowest rates and mortgage loan closing costs available.

    You can always count on Cambria Mortgage for great rates and low mortgage closing costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always here to address your concerns and offer you up-to-the minute mortgage quotes and home loan advice.

    Smart people know The Metzler Mortgage Group at Cambria Mortgage is your St Paul, Minneapolis best lender choice for your home loan needs.

    Our staff of Loan Officers are thankful for the opportunity to provide you with comprehensive mortgage rate quotes and mortgage closing cost information. Your Loan Officer will be happy to provide you with a Loan Estimate (formerly called a Good Faith Estimate) so that you can better compare Cambria Mortgage to other Mortgage providers. We wish you the best during your loan process, and remind you that a low rate quote is only part of your overall satisfaction!

    We know you have lender options, and we understand the importance of securing the very best interest rate and lowest closing costs for you and your family. We do not take that obligation lightly and will work hard to prove the value in having a long term relationship with myself and my team.

    Get real interest rate and closing cost estimates so you can see specific numbers right up front.No surprises; Our rates are typically 0.125% to 0.25% lower than the big banks and little mom-and-pop mortgage brokers, with lower closing costs, too.

    Joe Metzler and his team are committed to helping you make a truly informed mortgage decision. Our advice goes way beyond just quoting rates and fees. We provide you with a complete analysis of your mortgage debt picture through analysis and reports. Most people don't understand the life changing differences between different loan programs, but we want to make sure YOU do.

    Guaranteed rate MN WI SD With our low interest rates and low closing costs, you might be wondering about the kind of service or expertise you'll receive. You're in for a pleasant surprise. We've gone to great lengths to streamline the loan process and make it the easiest, most convenient experience imaginable. No appointment needed. No account numbers or shoe box full of financial papers. Just the information that's in your head.

    Find out how good it feels to work with a lender that delivers on both price and service, and read a few real customer comments. Then you'll know why we enjoys a 98.0% overall recommendation rating, which we'd like to point out is a far higher standard than mere satisfaction.

    I have closed thousands of loans in my career. That's a lot! Those customers contributed to our continuing success because they know WE GOT THEM A BETTER DEAL!

    We can do the same for you! So if you are checking mortgage rates in Minneapolis, St Paul, all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or South Dakota, we can help you get the lowest cost mortgage of anyone on your area, saving you thousands of dollars!

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  • Refinancing Makes Sense For Over 7 Million Homeowners

    Minneapolis, MN: With average home prices continuing to rise ABOVE the 2007 pre-crash average home value, and with 30-year fixed interest rates ending the week of October 10, 2019 at just 3.57% with 0.6% in points according to the weekly Freddie Mac mortgage rate survey, the

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  • Feds lower rates

    August 14, 2019
    Feds lower rates

    Feds just lowered rates for the first time in over a decade. What does this mean for you? The lowest interest rates for mortgage borrowers in years. Apply online right here or call (651) 552-3681 now and save big! Now is the best time in years to refinance your mortgage.

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