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  • Pay for Your Appraisal

    An appraisal is required for your home loan. The appraisal is the only pre-paid item. The fastest way is to pay with a credit card, although you can mail a check. 

    Typical appraisal fees listed below. Additional charges may apply).
    Final price determined by actual appraiser, who must be randomly assigned.


  • Your appraisal is one of the most important aspects for loan approval. All lenders need an appraisal report specific to this transaction to assist you. We will use this report to underwrite and approve your application. 

    Typical Costs:

    Conventional and VA $485, FHA / USDA $510, Large or complex $600, Conventional multi-family $550, FHA multi-family $600, Re-inspection $120. Water front, unique property, large properties, large acreage, outside metro areas = additional costs

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