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  • Pay for Your Appraisal

    An appraisal is required for your home loan. The appraisal is the only pre-paid item. The fastest way is to pay with a credit card, although you can mail a check. 

    Typical appraisal fees listed below. Additional charges may apply).
    Final price determined by actual appraiser, who must be randomly assigned.


  • Typical Costs:

    Appraisals are randomly assigned, and ultimately the individual appraiser will set their own price, but we typically see the prices fall into the averages as follows: Conventional and VA $485, FHA / USDA $510, Large or complex $600, Conventional multi-family $550, FHA multi-family $600, Re-inspection $120.

    Water front, unique properties, large homes, large acreage, and rural areas all typically have higher costs.

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