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  • All of our home mortgage loans are designed to fit your specific needs and credit situation. Therefore it is hard to quote one rate online that would apply to everyone.  We have developed analytical systems to evaluate your mortgage needs and to assist you in determining the best mortgage for your needs based on qualifications, mortgage retention time, initial cost, cash flow, taxes, and the overall total cost of the mortgage.

    We are the actual lender! We originate, underwrite, fund and close our own loans!

    By giving us a few details, we can usually provide you with an more accurate quote of our most current rates. We are aware that many companies do post their rates on their sites, however, because there are several variables that determine your actual rate, you may be viewing rates that are inaccurate or require such stringent qualification requirements that most borrowers do not qualify for that rate.

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  • We are a mortgage lender for homes in MN, WI, and SD Only

    No bank, mortgage lender or mortgage broker is able to be 100% accurate or guarantee an interest rate without the benefit of a full and complete loan application, including a credit report and all your supporting documents.  Be careful of focusing too much on a published Interest Rate you see anywhere, including on web sites and in newspapers that may be a representation of a product that does not relate to your personal situation or the broader scope of your needs.

    Cambria Mortgage does business in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and Florida

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