• Tel: (651) 552-3681
    Email: joe@joemetzler.com

  • Licensing Information

    Mortgage companies are regulated and licensed by numerous State and Federal regulators.

    Cambria Mortgage - St Paul, MN Branch
    33 Wentworth Ave E - Suite 290
    St Paul, MN 55118
    Branch NMLS # 1888858
    (651) 552-3681

    Cambria Mortgage Corporate Office
    6385 Old Shady Oak Rd #175
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
    NMLS 322798

    Company License numbers:

    Minnesota: MN-MO-4013560, Wisconsin: 322798BA, Iowa: 2011-0196, South Dakota: ML.05038, North Dakota: MB102147, Colorado:, Florida: MLD1411, Texas:

  • Verify a Loan Officer or Lender

    You can verify a Mortgage Company License, or see if a Loan Officer is actually licensed at:


    NOTE: An NMLS number is NOT a license number.

    For a loan officer to be fully licensed, rather than simply register (application clerk), there must be one or more states listed on the NMLS information page under licenses/registrations. If it says "Federal National Mortgage originator", they do NOT have a personal license. 

    This web site belongs to Joe Metzler, Senior Loan Officer.  NMLS  # 274132. He is currently licsensed in MN, WI, and SD. Joe's personal licensing numbers are: MN License # MN-MLO-274132 WI License # 11418, SD License # MLO.03095