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    Ready for a full loan approval? it’s easy. Just click the appropriate button below to get started. There is never any obligation to apply for a refinance or to get Pre-Approved to buy a home. This also allows you to get very accurate estimates of monthly payments, and loan options specific to your situation. You'll also be ready to act fast when you find that perfect home with a certified Pre-Approval Letter in hand.

  • Safe and Secure Online Application Process, Easily Upload your Documents, Apply online 24/7, No Obligation, No Cost Application Review

    [NOTE]: By completing the online application, you are not obligating yourself to anything. You are just giving us enough information so that we can determine what loans you qualify for, how much house you can buy, what interest rates you can expect, etc. We still need to speak with you, and get your confirmation to go forward with any actual loan.

  • In Person

    FACE to FACE appointments available M - F from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. Later hours and weekends available by special appointment only. 

    Our office is located at 33 Wentworth Ave E - Suite 290, St Paul, MN 55118. 

    Click here to schedule a sit down office appointment.

  • By Phone or Virtual

    A quick phone call to (651) 552-3681 during normal business hours, or virtual via Zoom. Basic applications takes only about 15 - 20 minutes, and all the information you need to apply is already in your head. No need to gather documents first.

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  • Fax or Mail

    Please contact us at (651) 552-3681 if faxing or mailing an application is your only choice. We can do it, but it requires special handling, and it is 2021, and the industry is no longer set up for this slower method.