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  • Your First Payment

    Thank you for choosing Cambria Mortgage to provide you with your home loan. Now that you’ve completed the closing process, you’ll begin making your normal payments, which will including paying back the loan, and typically additional escrow amounts for property taxes, homeowners insurance, and possibly mortgage insurance. 

    The servicing of your loan, which is who you will be making payments to, will be transferred shortly from us to your permanent servicing company. Typically before your first payment is due, but you may also make your first payment directly to Cambria Mortgage.

    You should receive a “Welcome Packet” a few weeks after closing with more information, like loan number, where to send payments, and how to set up electronic payments. 

    In your closing packet (the documents you received at closing) there may be a temporary payment coupon to use if you haven’t received your Welcome Packet and Transfer Letter. You may also receive a letter directing you to make your first payment directly to Cambria Mortgage.

    After Your Loan Transfers

    Once you receive your Welcome Packet and Transfer Letter, please make all future payments to the permanent servicer per their instructions. 

    If you are not sure whether your loan has been transferred, please contact our Corporate Office at (952) 942-0110 Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST and we will be happy to assist you.

    Future Loans

    We understand that sometimes it can be confusing how the mortgage industry works, that Cambria Mortgage is the lender, but you make payments somewhere else. This causes many people to mistakenly call the servicer for any future loans.

    For the best deals on any future refinance, or new home purchase loan, you need to call your original Loan Officer directly, not the 800 number on your statement.