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  • Importance of Loan Pre-Approval

    It's a competitive world in the home buying market today. You need every edge you can get. A pre-approval letter from a local reputable lender like us gives you that edge.

    We’ll review your credit, income, assets, along with your long-term and short-term payment and equity objectives so you can zero in on the right house, at the right price.

    Once we go over your application, review your documents, and discuss your options, we will provide you with a written pre-approval letter to go shopping for a home.

    Here’s why it’s crucial that you complete the pre-approval process before making an offer on a house.
    • Helps you to determine how much of a home you can safely afford, how much money you'll need for down payment, and an idea of what you can expect for monthly housing payments. [payment calculator]
    • Demonstrates to Real Estate Agents and Sellers that a legitimate lender has evaluated your financial situation, and they are willing to give you a home loan
    • Shows the seller you’re a serious buyer, which can be the key to closing.
    • Proves that you have financing, and that you’ll be able to go through with the sale.
    • Makes your offer more attractive to the seller.