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  • Buy with cash, get a loan afterwards

    Cambria Mortgage Delayed Financing Program. Buy a home with cash, refinance later.

    Minneapolis, MN:  In this crazy real estate market, maybe people are resorting to buying a home with cash to be the most attractive to sellers.

    Sellers love cash offers, putting you at the top of the pecking order amongst competing offers. But not everyone can, or even wants to pay cash for the new home.  Many people are pulling cash from savings accounts and 401k loans, but realistically want a loan, and need to put that money back.

    Delayed financing, cash back

    No worries, Cambria Mortgage, the Joe Metzler Team offers a ‘delayed financing’ program to recoup your cash within six months of closing without delay!

    Borrowers who purchased a property within the past six months, measured from the closing date on the purchase, are eligible to get a new loan to recoup most, if not all of their money back.  The new loan can be no more than the actual amount of your initial investment, plus closing costs.

    Of course there are a few other guidelines that apply, so reach out to us at (651) 552-3681 with your questions, on how it works, and will you qualify after paying cash for our deferred financing program. Better yet, APPLY ONLINE right now.

    NOTE: program available from us only in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD, CO, FL.

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