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  • Interest Rates You Can Brag About

  • 5 Hacks to House Hunt Like a Pro

    Home Shopping Tips in a Sellers Market Hands down, house hunting tends to be one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process. However, being unprepared can really take away from the experience. To ensure you have the best home [...]

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    Cash out refinancing can help

    Cash is king, and it always has been. 👑 Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to come up with a little extra for projects and goals. But here's a secret: A home mortgage can help you get the cash you need. It’s called a Cash-Out [...]

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    Spring is in the air

    Spring is in the air. Do you know what else is in the air? Talk of low interest rates. If you haven’t caught wind that interest rates are historically low consider yourself an anomaly. Mortgage interest rates have continued to hover near all time [...]

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    How to save on closing costs

    When buying a home, you have two major costs, down payment and closing costs.  Everyone understands down payment, but closing costs confuse many people, and they can be pretty expensive. So what are closing costs? Closing costs are the fees for [...]

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    Your Loan Officer Matters

    Minneapolis, MN: People spend weeks and months looking for that perfect home, but more often than not, make the mistake of use whatever Loan Officer answers the phone without question.  Why? On the largest financial transaction of your life, [...]

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    Do Pre-Approval Letters Really Mean Anything?

    Do Pre-Approval Letters Really Mean Anything? Minneapolis, MN: When buying a home, everyone will tell you that you need a Pre-Approval Letter, and pretty much no sellers will look at your offer without a Pre-Approval Letter being attached to your [...]

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    Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

    Minneapolis, MN:  Your gotten Pre-approved for your Mortgage Loan, met with a Real Estate Agent, searched far and wide, and fallen in love with your dream house. For most people, the house choice is a lot about emotions.  So take a step back [...]

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    Refinancing with current lender is usually a mistake

    Thinking of refinancing?  Been contacted by your current lender? Your current lender sounds like a logical choice to refinance. Many people believe that "because they know you" that somehow the current lender can refinance you quicker, cheaper, [...]

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    2021 Housing Forecast

    What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said on the late night shows, twitter and in every meme on the internet? To say the world is looking forward to 2021 is the ultimate understatement. While 2020 was a solid year in the housing [...]

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    Conforming loan limit increased for 2021

    Conforming Loan Limit Increases to $548,250 Minneapolis, MN: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have just announced an increase in the conforming loan limit for 2021 to $548,250. Up from the current limit of $510,450.   Conforming loans mean your [...]

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