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  • Self employed? You may need a non-traditional mortgage solution

    For many people, being their own boss and owning their own business has been the ultimate employment goal. According to government data from the second quarter of 2021, more Americans than ever are leaving their jobs to chase their dreams of [...]

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    Navigating home buyer fatigue

    Minneapolis, MN: Navigating today’s housing market is anything but simple. Buyers are seeing multiple offers to compete with on nearly every home, contract terms that heavily favor the seller and it’s rare to see a home go for less than [...]

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    3 Reasons People Mistakenly Don't Refinance When they Should

    Minneapolis, MN: Mortgage interest rates have been amazingly low the past 6 months, and according to a major data firm,  over 18 million people could benefit from a mortgage refinance, and cut an average of $304 a month off their current mortgage [...]

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    Cambria Mortgage, The Joe Metzler Team Receives 2021 Best of Saint Paul Award

    Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cambria Mortgage, The Joe Metzler Team Receives 2021 Best of Saint Paul Award Saint Paul Award Program Honors the Achievement SAINT PAUL August 18, 2021 -- Cambria Mortgage, The Joe Metzler Team has been [...]

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    No closing cost mortgage. Should I get one?

    Minneapolis, MN: We all know closing costs can be pretty expensive when getting a home mortgage loan.  You may have also seen advertisements for no closing costs, and no lender fee loans, and wondered how it all works. Read more, as I shed the [...]

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    Should you refinance your mortgage?

    Should You Refinance Your Mortgage? You've been a happy homeowner for awhile now. Just like making the big decision to buy a home, it may be time for another big decision: should you refinance your mortgage? Refinancing your mortgage sounds [...]

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    How much do I need for down payment

    How much do I need for down payment when buying a home is a super common question, especially for first time home buyers. Unfortunately, there is no quick answer, as it varies based on many factors including loan type, property type, and [...]

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    Want to sell, but don't know how to navigate buying?

    Minneapolis, MN: It's a unique environment in real estate right now. Limited inventory of homes for sell means you'll get top dollar selling your home, but there is plenty of fear about finding and buying your new home. Next, with so much [...]

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    Introducing The New Cambria Mortgage Mobile App

    ST PAUL, Minn., April 28, 2021 — Hometown mortgage lender Cambria Mortgage is pleased to announce the launch of the Cambria Mortgage Mobile App. With the introduction of this new secure and encrypted technology, borrowers can apply for a home [...]

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    5 Hacks to House Hunt Like a Pro

    Home Shopping Tips in a Sellers Market Hands down, house hunting tends to be one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process. However, being unprepared can really take away from the experience. To ensure you have the best home [...]

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