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  • Minneapolis, MN: Congratulations on wanting to buy a home.  Unless you have cash, you are going to need financing.  If you need financing, you are going to speak to a Mortgage Loan Officer.

    Not all Loan Officers are created equal. Assuming the person who answers the phone, just because they say they are a Loan Officer is a qualified person, is a big mistake. Understanding the differences between Loan Officers is important to the success of your loan.

    Loan Officers

    The Application Clerk

    Unfortunately, this is where the bulk of Loan Officers fall. Lower level, lower education, low experience people who pretty much simply take an application.  What is your name, what is your address, would you like fries with that. They are not much for help, or education, but they can take an application.  They usually do not have an individual mortgage license.

    You can usually spot the application clerks pretty easily. They usually work at big banks, credit unions, and online lenders. The typical big clue is the feeling of being treated like a number only, and the inability to answer questions.

    The Professional Loan Officer

    A professional Loan Officer is usually individually licensed, having taken educational classes, and passed both state and federal testing.  They usually have significantly more experience than the application clerk. They not only take your loan application, but they are knowledgeable, they can answer most questions. They are likeable, hard working, and can get you to a successful closing.

    The Trusted Adviser - A True Mortgage Consultant

    This person has all the qualities of a Professional Loan Officer. This person is a true "financial expert in home financing". They do more than just take applications and treat their customers well.  They educate, inform, and enlighten. They leave their customers in a better place. They generally are very seasoned veterans with vast knowledge, and experience.  They leave their customers with more peace that a wise financial decision was made. They leave their customers saying "Wow, I am glad I met that Loan Officer".

    So who are YOU working with on YOUR largest financial transaction?

    With over 50-years combined experience, multiple local, reginal, and national awards, the Joe Metzler Team of Joe and Eric Metzler at Cambria Mortgage are your local Minnesota based Trusted Advisor, serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Florida.

    Ready to find a home in today's market?  Our mortgage experts are happy to provide a no obligation application review, along with an initial soft pull credit report, which has no impact on your credit score.

    Call (651) 552-3681, or Apply Online today!


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