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  • Minneapolis, MN: Navigating today’s housing market is anything but simple. Buyers are seeing multiple offers to compete with on nearly every home, contract terms that heavily favor the seller and it’s rare to see a home go for less than list. This market requires buyers to be quick on their feet and act fast with a solid offer in hand. Even with a solid offer, buyers have to be ready to negotiate to win that bidding war. With that said, all the moving parts of a seller’s market can be a recipe for burnout. If you’re feeling the fatigue of this market, take a look at the tips we’ve laid out below – and remember, Cambria Mortgage is here for you.

    Have Realistic Expectations

    In a seller’s market, the number of people wanting to purchase a home exceeds the number of homes available for sale. This makes competition fierce giving seller’s a lot more leverage. Things tend to move quickly… It’s not uncommon for homes to hit the market as “just listed” and evolve to “pending” with an accepted offer within a few days. Buyers must act confidently, and without delay.

    Use a Qualified Real Estate Agent

    Hiring a top-notch real estate professional to guide you through the home buying process is the key to reducing stress and feeling like things are under control in this market. He or she will assist you in finding homes, crafting attractive offers, negotiating and finalizing the contract of your next home. When you work with a Realtor, you can feel at ease that you will find a home you love sooner rather than later, and that home can become yours with the right strategies in place.

    Know Where You Stand 

    Speaking of strategies… Knowing exactly how much you can afford will pay off in a big way. It is essential that buyers take the time to meet with a lender and get pre-approved ahead of actually beginning the home search. Knowing your max budget and how much you can comfortably offer takes a bulk of the worry out of the process.

    Don’t Fear the Competition

    The beauty of being pre-approved ahead of time is that you have a thorough understanding of your financial situation. You know with confidence what you can afford to offer, how high you can counter and what bidding wars you have a chance of winning. With all this knowledge, there’s no need to fear the competition… You are the competition!

    Reevaluate Your Wish List

    Chances are when you began the house hunt you created a list of certain home features you couldn’t live without. You likely narrowed your search by big aspects like location and size of the home. But maybe you were more picky than that. If you’re having trouble finding homes that match your criteria, take a look back at your list. Are there things on your must have  list that really belong on your would like list? Try looking at the potential homes have. Does a home have room for another bedroom? Is the kitchen the perfect layout, but the cabinetry could be replaced? Don’t settle for a house you don’t love, but instead evaluate whether or not a home has the potential to be perfect with a few quick fixes.

    Don’t Forget Your WHY

    Lastly, having at least one rejected offers is nearly inevitable. Instead of heading to the sidelines and giving up – remember why you wanted to buy a home in the first place. Whatever the reason, stick to that! Don’t succumb to the pressure of the market, and throw in the towel or buy a home that doesn’t match what you’re looking for. If it helps, write it down or talk it out. Bringing these reasons to light will help you feel confident and reassured in your decision to buy a home.  

    If you’re ready to learn more about beginning the process, navigating a seller’s market and beating out the competition… Our team at Cambria Mortgage is here to help!

    Connect with one of our trusted Mortgage Loan Officers today by calling (651) 552-3681 or simply clicking any APPLY link on this web site. We’re here for you!


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