1. Social Butterflies
    A school setting is inherently a great place for kids to create new friendships rather quickly, as socializing typically comes naturally for kids. With that, and the fact that many schools have an invite-all policy for things like birthday parties, your child will be included no matter what! Plus, they can keep friends from their old school too. They will have plenty of playmates to fill their days during and after school.
  2. New Kid Fame
    On the same note, when a new student comes into a classroom it is an exciting thing for all! Most kids are excited to meet a new friend and your child is sure to be the center of attention for quite some time. Additionally, most teachers give new students some sort of “getting to know you” activity to share with the other kids. They should have no problem feeling like a part of the class.
  3. A Smoother Move
    From both a cost and comfort perspective, moving in the off-peak season may have some benefits. For example, some movers may increase the cost of their services during the height of moving season, which tends to be summertime! You should be able to get a lower quote when things cool down. Speaking of cooling down, lower temperatures will make your experience more comfortable as you won’t be sweating nearly as much as you load up that moving truck! A small, but also big win.
  4. Learning to Adapt
    Switching schools may be a tough hurdle to cross for some children, but in the long run, having this experience will teach them to develop adaptation skills… A skillset that can really pay off in the future!
  5. Less Competition
    Like we mentioned previously, summer tends to be the hot time of year to purchase a home. Waiting until summer has come and gone to purchase may make your competition a bit less. There’s a possibility that finding a home during the school year could be easier than it otherwise would be May through August!

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