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  • Test your credit knowledge

    Test your credit report / credit score knowledge Can you answer these questions correctly about your credit? Play the True of False Game - The Credit Edition. Pick a category and see how well you do. Categories include: Mortgage late [...]

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    2020 Real Estate and Interest Rate Predictions

    Minneapolis, MN: It looks like 2019 will go down in the record books as one of the best years for stocks in the past decade, yet mortgage rates still remained low (which isn't how it usually goes). What's in store for 2020 then? Well, we can only [...]

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    Cambria Mortgage Home to Five Super Mortgage Professionals

    ST PAUL, Mn., — The 2019 list of “Super Mortgage Professionals” was recently released and published in the November issues of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business Magazine. Cambria Mortgage is pleased to announce the following [...]

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    Fed cuts rates, but NOT fixed mortgage rates

    Yesterday, the Federal Reserve cut it's benchmark interest rate by 0.25%, making the third cut in 2019. This cut only effects the short-term rate it controls, which influences many loans, but does not directly effect most loans. For instance, [...]

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    Refinancing Makes Sense For Over 7 Million Homeowners

    Refinancing Makes Sense For Over 7 Million Homeowners Published on: Oct 10, 2019 Minneapolis, MN: With average home prices continuing to rise ABOVE the 2007 pre-crash average home value, and with 30-year fixed interest rates ending the week of [...]

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    Feds lower rates

    Feds just lowered rates for the first time in over a decade. What does this mean for you? The lowest interest rates for mortgage borrowers in years. Apply online right here or call (651) 552-3681 now and save big! Now is the best time in [...]

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    Fed cuts rate, now what for mortgages?

    Now I know what you are probably thinking, the Fed lowered rates today, so the mortgage rate quote I got last week will be 0.25% better, right?Well, not so fast. The Fed has absolutely nothing directly to do with long-term fixed rates. The Fed [...]

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    VA Jumbo loans now no down payment required

    Minneapolis, MN: A new bill was signed into law last week by President Trump eliminating a long held requirement that VA jumbo mortgages loans needed a small down payment.  This was in stark contrast to the very popular current VA loans of under [...]

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    MN First Time Buyer Programs

    Cambria Mortgage and I are committed to nurturing dreams of prosperity, by supporting individuals and families in their goal of achieving homeownership. We offer a variety of mortgage options, including conventional and government products, as[...]

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