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  • Non-Traditional Mortgage Solutions for the Self-Employed

    For many people, being their own boss and owning their own business has been the ultimate employment goal. According to government data from the second quarter of 2021, more Americans than ever are leaving their jobs to chase their dreams of entrepreneurship. While that all sounds exciting, it can put a crimp in your home financing plans if you are not prepared.  Read more for how Cambria Mortgage can help find the right program for your employment situation.

    Self-employed mortgage

    What Is Your Income

    As a traditional W2 employee (hourly or salary), it is easy for lenders to see how much money you make. If you are self-employed, tipped, commission, or any other type of variable income, it can be challenging.

    This is not because their businesses are not successful, but has more to do with how income is reported and expenses are written off (if you know, you know). With a traditional loans, in order to show your income, there are multiple things you may be asked to provide and should start to gather as you are getting ready to apply for a mortgage. Those items include, but are not limited to:

    • Tax returns
    • Profit and loss statements
    • Your business license
    • Proof of clientele and/or accountant statements
    • Bank statements, assets, other sources of income, etc.

    Even with all that information and documentation it may not be enough, especially if you are able to take advantage of tax code to reduce your on paper income. You may be doing just fine, but according to your tax return, you are broke. This is where finding a local lender that offers, knows, and understands non-tradition mortgage loans is so important.

    No Doc, Stated Income, Sub-prime, Bank Statement, Asset Based, Non-QM

    In the past, non-traditional loans were commonly referred to as sub-prime loans, but that really isn’t a good description.  Today they are known as Non-QM loans, which means Non-Qualified Mortgage. Non-Qualified simply means it doesn’t fit a traditional mortgage box.

    Many of these programs no longer exist, like stated income loans. But other do, and one may be perfect for you.  Check out our special web page for more information on these Non-QM alternative loans.

    Find a Lender With the Right Products

    At Cambria Mortgage we offer our customers with a vast array of options for the many unique scenarios. Some of the programs we offer are

    • Self-employed, but tax return don’t show enough income? No problem. Lets use deposits on your bank statement.
    • No proof of income, but plenty of assets in the bank? No problem. Show more than enough assets to pay cash.
    • Investor buying rental property, but tax returns don’t work? No problem. Just show the property will cash flow.

    Even if you have been turned down for a traditional loan, it is always worth a second opinion at Cambria Mortgage. Our goal is to help as many people achieve their dreams of home ownership as possible and we are constantly adding products and programs to help us reach our goal.

    Bad Credit Loans

    Sorry, these are not bad credit loans. If you currently have low credit scores, active or very bankruptcies, or recent foreclosures, we are unable to assist you.

    Call Cambria Mortgage

    If you are ready to take the next step in your home ownership journey, call Non-QM Mortgage Specialist Joe Metzler with Cambria Mortgage at 651-552-3681 or visit https://joemetzler.com/no-doc-loans/  Our team of professionals will provide personal, hometown service with sound advice and impeccable attention to detail at every step of the process. We’re ready to help you crush your goals, big or small.

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