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  • How to Cope: Home buyer heartbreak

    Minneapolis, MN: If you’re out and about in today’s housing market, when we reference “home buying heartbreak” you likely know exactly what we are talking about. Navigating today’s housing market is anything but a honeymoon. Buyers are seeing multiple offers to compete with on nearly every home, contract terms are tricky and it’s rare to see a home go for less than list. With that said, missing out on a home is not uncommon. You know what they say, think with your head and not your heart… But it isn’t always that simple – we get it. Here’s how to power through and come out on the other side stronger when the one you fell in love with gets away.

    Homebuyer heartbreak

    Take some time to process

    No matter what it is, losing out on something takes time to get over. Feel all the feels! Take some time to relax and regroup. While you’re sinking into the couch to Netflix and scroll, make sure you don’t find yourself checking the status of that listing. Just save yourself some further heartbreak and avoid dwelling on something that isn’t possible anymore.

    Are you falling for the wrong type?

    Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time envisioning that dream home of yours. You likely narrowed your search by big aspects like location and size of the home. But maybe you were more picky than that… Are you asking too much? Try looking at the possibilities homes have. Does a home have room for another bedroom? Is the kitchen the perfect layout, but the cabinetry could be replaced? Don’t settle for a house you don’t love, but instead evaluate whether or not a home has the potential to be your perfect match with a few quick fixes. You know what they say, sometimes you just don’t know what you really need until you’ve got it.

    Live and learn

    Here’s where it pays off to be honest with yourself and do some major reflecting. It’s a seller’s market… Are you taking that into account when you’re making offers or are you only thinking about what’s best for you as the buyer. In  a market like this you have to give to get.  Have a heart-to-heart with your Real Estate Agent. Ask them what you could do differently next time you want to make an offer! Maybe you’re offering too low. Perhaps the houses you’re looking at are just too pricey for you. Take what you’ve learned and…

    … Get back out there!

    Keep the dream alive! Now’s not the time to lose hope. With a solid Cambria Mortgage pre-approval in hand, you have a thorough understanding of your financial situation and know with confidence what you can afford to offer, how high you can counter and what bidding wars you have a chance of winning. When you’re ready to find the one, our team at Cambria Mortgage is here to help! Connect with one of our trusted Mortgage Consultants today by calling (651) 552-3681 or visit JoeMetzler.com. There’s a match out there for you!

    Cambria Mortgage, The joe Metzler Team lends in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  NMLS 274132. Equal Housing Lender.

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