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  • COVID19 and Cleaning your cell phone

    Face it, our phones are in our hands constantly. Study after study shows they are pretty dirty. COVID19 and cleaning your cell phone has become a heavily research term… On your cell phone!

    COVID-19 studies have shown the virus could potentially survive on some surfaces as long as 9-days – including on your phone. Your phone is in your hands constantly, pressed to the side of your face – and gross, but admit you do it, use it while in the bathroom.

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    Washing your hands on a very regular basic is still your best defense against catching not only CODVID-19, but everything else, including the common cold. The good news is cleaning your phone is pretty simple.

    Apple states right on their web site you can clean your phone with everyday disinfectant wipes, like Clorox sheets. Be sure you are using disinfectant sheets, not just plain baby wipes. Other phone manufactures, including Samsung say any 70% or better alcohol based wipe applied with a microfiber cloth is fine.

    Many people have tried other cleaners and techniques. Stronger chemicals are not necessary, and can potentially damage your phone and screen, so just keep it simple with the disinfectant wipe, then let it air dry for a minute.

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