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  • Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments

    July 24, 2019
  • Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments. A Great Decision!

    Helpful mortgage tips

    Bi-Weekly Payment Programs help you Save Thousands of Dollars in Interest.

    For years now, American home buyers have typically been making the standard 30-year, 360 equal monthly payment mortgage. Some are even opting for 40 year, 480 payment loan programs (yikes)

    Think About This

    A $125,000 loan with an interest rate of 7% is $831.63 per month for 360 months. That is a total payback of $299,386. That's almost three times what was originally borrowed!

    There is a better way.

    Why not pay 1/2 of your monthly payment this Friday and pay the other 1/2 payment two weeks from Friday? If you pay this way, you will pay off your 30-year mortgage in roughly 22.2 years, or 265 payments, rather than 360.

    On my sample $125,000 loan above, your total payments will be only be $240,008 rather than $299,386 for a savings of $59,378! The payment savings of $59,377 when compared to the original 30-year, 360 month pay­ment reduces the interest rate from a 7% note rate to a 5.56% Effective Rate. That's right! If you pay fewer total payments, you pay less total interest.

    Not every mortgage lender let's you set up true-biweekly payments, and many that do, charge you a fee to do so. You can also make your own version of savings, by simply taking your current payment, and divide it by 12. Whatever that number equals, add that to your current payment as additional principal.

    Of course everyone is different. Your loan balance and interest rate may be very different. Call our mortgage experts at (651) 552-3681, they will be more than happy to calculate your personal savings, and to see if maybe a new loan would be right for you. You can also run our free online Mortgage Checkup calculator to see how your current loan stacks up.

    Put the magic of BI-WEEKLY loan payments or extra principal to work for you today.

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