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What is YOUR Credit Score?

Every mortgage company lender obtains a credit report to determine your credit worthiness. Upon reviewing your mortgage application, your credit report is pulled to help make a determination regarding your home mortgage loan approval or denial.

Mortgage companies use the standard FICO scoring model. If you've gotten a copy of your credit report directly from the credit bureau's, or from some online free credit report service like Credit Karma, you are almost always viewing a different scoring model known as the Advantage Score. 

While similar, these consumer obtained credit reports ARE NOT the same credit score you will get from a mortgage lender.

In the mortgage lending industry, if you’ve fallen behind on your credit cards or other loans or your history shows a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or auto repossession, it may be very hard to get a loan.  If your middle credit score is below 620, you should not bother applying for a mortgage loan, and instead contact a credit repair company. Once you've improved your credit score, then apply for a home loan.

With a score over 620, you may qualify for a mortgage loan that helps you consolidate debt, make home improvements, buy a new home, refinance your existing home, put your kids through college, or get cash for any reason.

Here are some general criteria used within the lending industry. Have bad credit?  Grades A through C can usually get a loan.  As you go from "A" to "C", your interest rate will rise, and the minimum down payment may rise.

CREDIT SCORE GRADES, and basic credit profiles

A Impeccable - 740 score + On time payment on all obligations. NO late mortgage payment. No previous bankruptcy or foreclosure. Low balance to limit on credit cards. Nothing bad.
A - minus Great (720 - 740 score) On time payment on all obligations. Maybe a little too much debt on credit cards. Maybe one or two very old late payments. Never any bankruptcy or foreclosure.
B+ Good (700 - 719 score) One or two OLD 30 day late payments, no more than one 60-day late payment on revolving credit or installment loan. Bankruptcy or foreclosure has been discharged or settled over 4years ago with excellent re-established credit. Maybe a little too much debt on credit cards, or high credit card balances
B OK (680 - 699 score) Minor blemishes in the last 4 years. A few OLD 30 days late payments, a couple of OLD 60 day late payments. A 30-60 day late only once on a mortgage payment. Bankruptcy or foreclosure has been discharged or settled at least 4 years with some re-established credit. Very likely too much debt on credit cards. Maybe an old collection item or two.
C Weak (620 - 680 score) Blemishes in the last 2 years. Recent 30 days late payments, a couple of OLD 60 day late payments. Recent 30 or 60 day late only once on a mortgage payment. Bankruptcy or foreclosure has been discharged or settled at least 2 years with some re-established credit. Very likely high balances on credit cards. Recent or multiple unpaid collections or liens. Little to no active credit
D Poor (below 620 score) Disregard for timely payments. Recent late payment activity on debts. Recent collections, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. Multiple unpaid collections and liens. Max'ed out credit cards. Little to no active credit.

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