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  • The Interest Only Mortgage

    • An option to make low, interest-only payments

    • Flexibility to pay down principal & decrease future payments

    • The ability to qualify for a larger home

    While once a popular loan option during the real estate boom years of 2001 to 2007, interest only loans, for the most part, no longer exist, or are super hard to find.

    Interest Only Loans were viewed as one of the worst of the irresponsible loan lending practices.

    The Interest Only Option
    These programs allow you to pay ONLY the interest portion of your monthly mortgage payment, making a smaller mandatory minimum monthly payment. If you prefer to build more equity each month, you can always add any principal amount to each months payment. Some loans cap your interest only period.

    The Ultimate in Financial Flexibility
    The interest-only mortgage is the ultimate cash-management tool. Perhaps you expect to receive a future lump sum and want the choice to pay down principal and receive an immediate decrease in payments. Others may prefer the option to save or invest cash that would otherwise go towards principal. No other mortgage can offer this kind of flexibility!

    Minimize the Payment, Maximize the Home
    With an interest-only payment option, borrowers can qualify for a larger home while enjoying all the benefits of a dramatically reduced mortgage payment. Now you can buy that first dream home, or trade up, without increasing the amount of money allocated towards a monthly mortgage payment.

    $250,000 30 year fixed PI payment at 7.00% is $1663 per month
    Same loan, interest only, is a payment of $1458 per month

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