My $250 BEST Rate, and
BEST Cost Combination

Do you want the lowest possible rate and cost combination for your mortgage loan, but are tired of trying to compare the fine print and determine the bottom-line differences between the quotes made by the various lenders?

I will guarantee you the lowest bottom-line rate and closing cost combination on your conventional fixed rate mortgage. It is that simple.

When we prepare your loan application, we will give you a "Good Faith Estimate" of your anticipated closing costs. This is a form all lenders are required to give you by the Federal Government. This will be the basis for your guarantee and cost comparisons.

You are welcome to shop all local lenders for a lower rate and cost combination. If you find one, bring me their signed and dated "Good Faith Estimate" and upon comparison and verification, I will either match or beat the other lender's bottom-line rate & costs.

If I can't do that, I will pay you $250 for your time and cheerfully transfer your complete loan file to the lower priced lender! You are "guaranteed" the lowest rate and cost, no matter what. No games, no excuses, no problem!


NOTE: Since the inception of this program, others have copied. But NONE can match. One local lender splashes a $100 guarantee all over the news, radio, and print. We see their estimates all the time. They must hate us!



A) Call me before you lock in your rate with another company.   

  1. Tell me that you have a better offer.

  2. Provide a Good Faith Estimate and Truth-in-Lending statement from the other lender. It must be dated the same day as our offer, as rates change each day. It must indicate their name and address.

  3. It must evidence interest rate, and discount points (if any).

  4. Estimated closing costs must include all costs from all parties involved in the transaction, including escrows (if any). Nothing may be marked TBD (to be determined).

  5. The loan with the other lender must be a 15, 20, or 30 year fixed interest rate, fully amortizing loan only.

  6. You must qualify for the same or similar loan program offered by us.

B) After reviewing the competitions offer:

  1. I must be allowed to match their interest rate, points, or closing costs combination, and beat their costs by $100.00.

  2. If I can match & beat their offer by $100, but you don't close your loan with me, the $100 offer is null and void.

C) If I can't match or beat your other offer:

1.) Provide me your Rate Lock Confirmation showing:

2.) I will keep this information on file.

3.) After your loan closes, the closing agent/title company must simply provide me your proof of closing (the HUD-1 Settlement Statement & Note) showing the better rate, points, and closing costs combination.

4) If at closing, they still beat my original offer, I will personally mail you a check for $250 from my own personal checking account! *


Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous lenders that try to hook customers with low interest rates, and misleading closing costs - only to surprise you later.  Lenders that practice bait and switch force us to verify that your rate, points, and closing costs at closing are the same as your initial offer that supposedly beat our offer. Bait and switch is an unethical practice of some lenders where they promise a low interest rate only to manipulate the situation, forcing you to take a higher rate, or pay undisclosed closing costs later  They are betting the customer would rather pay more than start the whole process over again.

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* This offer valid with the Joe Metzler Team only. Joe is personally responsible for any claims based on this guarantee. You agree to hold Mortgages Unlimited, and or Great Rivers Mortgage harmless from any claims based on this guarantee. Furthermore, by exercising this best rate, best cost guarantee, you agree that the total liability arising out of any claims based on this guaranteed price and cost offer is limited to Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00). If you have already begun your application with another of our affiliated loan officers, you may not switch from them to us. Offer not valid when competition offers special subsidized deals, including, but not limited to: builder rebates, employee benefit programs, or existing customer specials. Especially builders, as they have already built in their incentives to the price of your new home! Once you lock your rate and terms, all comparisons for the purpose of this guarantee are deemed completed to your satisfaction. No compensation will be made or guaranteed after your loan is locked. Best rate and cost COMBINATION will be determined by running the rate and closing costs through a program called a "Total Cost Analysis" by WowTools.