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    We will attempt to contact you shortly to customize a loan that meets your specific needs and answer any questions you may have. We normally try to call you between 8:30 AM until about 6:00 PM Monday – Friday. If you are unavailable at these times, it helps us greatly if you can try to contact us tooCall (651) 552-3681.

    We need some documents from you: Minimum standard documentation for all applicants is:
    1) Two most recent pay stubs for all applicants
    2) The most recent two years W2’s (full Federal Tax Returns if self employed)
    3) Past two month bank and asset statements (all pages)
    4) Photo ID

    Start submitting your application supporting documents:
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    – Send regular email to documents@joemetzler.com
    – Drop off or mail to: Cambria Mortgage, 33 Wentworth Ave E, Suite 290, St Paul, MN 55118 (map)

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