• Interest Rates You Can Brag About

  • How to save on closing costs

    When buying a home, you have two major costs, down payment and closing costs.  Everyone understands down payment, but closing costs confuse many people, and they can be pretty expensive. So what are closing costs? Closing costs are the fees for [...]

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    Refinancing with current lender is usually a mistake

    Thinking of refinancing?  Been contacted by your current lender? Your current lender sounds like a logical choice to refinance. Many people believe that "because they know you" that somehow the current lender can refinance you quicker, cheaper, [...]

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    Are there no closing cost refinance loans?

    The term "no closing costs refinance loans" is a bit of a misnomer. There is no such thing as a no closing cost loan. All loans have closing costs, but you have options on how to pay them. The vast majority of people doing a mortgage refinance [...]

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