Current and Historic Mortgage Interest Rates


What are current and historic mortgage interest rates?

I get asked on a regular basis about where are mortgage interest rates at today, where were they last week or last year… and the best one, what do I think they will do tomorrow.

Of course I have no crystal ball for future rates, but there are many different indicators we look at that gives us a good idea where they may be going. As you can imagine, there are many things that can throw a monkey wrench into the estimates and predictions.

From all time highs, to historic lows – I thought it would be fun to take a look back at mortgage rates:

Historic mortgage interest rates

Mortgage interest rates 2017

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Mortgage Rate Perspective

balance_ratesMinneapolis, MN:  With rates having moved up slightly recently, it is good to keep current mortgage rates in perspective.

Here is a mini historic look at conventional 30-yr fixed loan rates

  • In the early 1960’s = 5.25%
  • In June 1971, about 7.53%
  • In June 1981, about 16.70%
  • In June 1990, about 10.16%
  • In June 1998, about 6.99%
  • In June 2000, about 8.29%
  • In June 2005, about 5.58%
  • In June 2009, about 5.52%
  • In June 2010, about 4.75%
  • Last month (May 2013) about 3.54%
  • Today… about 3.91%

I bought my first house in 1981.  I paid 16% for my FHA 30-year fixed!  That same loan today is 3.50%