Ways to pay off your mortgage debt faster

St Paul, MN: If you surf the cable TV channels, listen to talk radio, or search online, you will find numerous financial and debt management experts offering tips and tricks on managing debt such as mortgage, credit card debt, student loan and so on.

However, it is important to evaluate one’s own personal financial situation before implementing any such debt relief tips. This is to ensure that you benefit from such advice and not further pile up debts that you become responsible for. So, here are 5 strategies to repay your Minnesota  mortgage faster.

Make Extra Payments: If there is no pre-payment penalty, you can make extra payments on the mortgage loan. The extra amount of money is taken off from the principal mortgage amount. For example, a $400,000 loan at 4% rate for 30 year fixed will pay off in only 25 years if you make $200 extra payment every month.

Make Bi-Weekly Payments: Bi-weekly payments on Minnesota mortgage loans are better than a monthly payment. In doing so, at the end of the financial year, you are paying one month extra payment. Therefore, the extra month’s payment will shorten the term of the mortgage. Every penny counts when you’re repaying any sort of debt. For example – Using the same numbers as above, by making bi-weekly payment you would pay off the loan is 25.8 years instead of a regular 30 years.

Get a shorter-term refinance loan: This financial strategy has gained in popularity among the borrowers in Minnesota. The rate of interest has nose-dived and it is much simpler for the homeowners to repay their mortgage debts. The advantage of this refinance loan is that by paying high monthly payments you pay off the loan in considerably shorter period of time. For example – Instead of taking a regular 30 Year Fixed mortgage, consider taking a 20, 15 or a 10 year mortgage. If you can afford the payment, you save on interest cost and also pay off the loan much quicker. A few mortgage lenders even let you pick whatever mortgage amortization term you want, from 8 – 30-years. For example, if you have only 12-years left, you can get a new 12-year mortgage loan.

Make a One Time Big Payment: If you get inheritance, gift or a big bonus, you can make one large lumpsum payment. That will reduce your principal balance substantially and thus pay off the loan quicker. You can also ask the lender to “recast” the loan and reduce the monthly payment without refinancing. Don’t just make the extra payment. Talk to your lender first.

The ideas mentioned here are not meant to be a tax advice. You are encouraged to contact your CPA/Financial Adviser before making any significant money decision.


The YourGage? Pick any mortgage amortization loan term you like

Who said you have to pick a standard mortgage loan term?

Design your own mortgage loan. Pick any term loan amortization period you want – from 6 to 30 years.

A big internet lender likes to call this “The YOURgage“, and claims it is “only available from them!”  They go as far as to make it sound like they “invented” it. Well, that is far from the truth. Actually, it is a little know loan option available from a large number of MN mortgage lenders.

Mostly used for refinancing, but it can also be used to purchase a home.  Let’s say you have a 30-year mortgage with just 18-years left. You’d probably like to refinance to today’s super low mortgage rates, but you don’t want to go backwards to a new 30-year loan, or even a 20-year loan.

So how does it work? Simple. Just tell us how many years you want for your home mortgage, and that is what you get!

Does it cost more?  What are the interest rates? No, it doesn’t cost more. Rates are calculated based on the closest standard fixed rate term. For example, if you want an 11-year mortgage loan, you get the standard 15-year interest rate. On the 18-year loan, your interest rate will be the same as a 20-year loan.  If you wanted a 22-year loan, you get the same interest rate as a 30-year loan.

Other than that, it is simply a standard home mortgage loan.

Use this online mortgage calculator to determine what YOUR mortgage payments ( YourGage ) would be, then APPLY with a local MN based direct lender.