Millions of homeowners gain equity in 2013

Minneapolis, MN:  2013 was a pretty good year for the real estate market. According to CoreLogic, an estimated 3 million homeowners regained significant equity during the year remarkable year.

Real estate home values in MNThe increase in equity has many positive effects.

First, many more homeowners are now in a position to sell their home without taking a (big) loss. There has been some huge pent up demand for many to sell their home and move, but just couldn’t.  The next effect is that many more people are able to refinance to take advantage of current mortgage rates to either lower their existing loan payments, or to take cash out to repair or improve your home, or pay off other debt.  Finally, these people just simply feel better about their financial situation because they are no longer underwater. Higher consumer confidence leads to people willing to spend money, which has an obvious value to the economy.

According to the report, around 65% of homeowners have either no mortgage, or have at least 20% equity in their homes. Unfortunately, this still leaves an estimated 6.4 million homeowners who have real estate in a negative equity position. Experts point out they expect values to continue to rise in 2014, but likely at a slower pace than 2012 and 2013.

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