Hurt an Intruder? Are you insured?

St Paul, MN:  I just ran across this issue, and thought it was interesting to pass along.

windown2Suppose a thief breaks a window in Joe McHomeowners home and crawls through. Joe McHomeowner, the insured, uses a baseball bat to knock out the intruder and then calls the police.

In today’s world, it is likely the thief will sue for his injuries. Is Mr McHomeowners liability for the thief’s head injuries covered by his homeowners policy?

The answer is YES.  Joe McHomeowner’s liability is covered because he used reasonable force to protect persons and property.

When buying a home, be sure you get proper homeowners insurance.  A great policy is usually only a few dollars more per month over cheap insurance. Be sure to talk with a licensed insurance agent – not just a web site – to make sure you are fully and properly covered on your home.

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