Beware of Online Homeowners Insurance

What do you know about Insurance?

St Paul, MN: What do you get with a online insurance provider like Progressive, Esurance, or Geico?

Get a FREE Condo Insurance HO6 Policy Quote
Get a FREE Condo Insurance HO6 Policy Quote

Well they tell you they have a great price, but come on, what insurance ad have you ever seen that doesn’t promise that. We think the much more important issues are knowledge and coverage. Do you really think their national call centers, filled with order takers trying to help you complete your online quote, really know anything about it?

A great example is the number of people in MN who carry the minimum state required auto insurance coverages of 30/60/10.  It is the cheapest coverage, but leaves you grossly under-protected.  If you talked with a real live insurance agent, they could explain that poor coverage… But more importantly, explain how for usually around just $100 more a year, you could move up to awesome insurance coverage.

As you evaluate coverage and providers, ask about why you need higher limits as a homeowner, or when you have young drivers, or higher liability limits when you have a dog, trampoline, or pool?

These are all great reasons why you want to talk to an agent that lives, works, and understands the local Minnesota insurance market and can advise and help you make the right decisions.

These are important decisions. There isn’t much point in saving $20 a month if you end up owing for a loss of  $40k or $50k that should have been covered but isn’t! Talk about MAYHEM.

On top of that, talking with a live insurance agents usually save people money over these online order centers to boot. Don’t let your friends and family get duped by all the hype and commercials.

Have them call a local insurance provider like The Reliable Insurance Network for a quote and get real service along with a great price.

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