Interview Questions for your Real Estate Agent

Buying or Selling A Home? Questions to ask your REALTOR®

1.  How does this Agent work?  Certain hours a day?  Certain days of the week?  Will you be able to find a mutually agreeable time frame? Full time, or part-time agent?

2.  What experience does this Agent have?  Do they have a specialty?  It’s difficult for a commercial Agent to sell a residential home.  The forms are different, terms, negotiations, etc.  Make sure they are capable of helping you in the type of real estate you are looking to purchase.

3.  How many successful transactions has this Agent had under their belt?  It’s not necessary for an Agent to be the highest top producer, but you need to know how versed they are in the entire process.  Asking a trusted friend for a referral might help you in this area.

4.  What happens if the Agent is out of town, calls in sick or just can’t make your scheduled times?  Does this Agent work with a Team, or have a designated assistant that can fill in, or will you have to wait for the Agent to return back to work to help you?

5.  And lastly an understanding of the expectations of all parties involved.


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