I messed up on my credit card and need your help

I messed up on my credit card and need your help

I’m not a bad guy.. but I screwed up and need your help.  You see, I make a pretty good income, and I’ve tried to stay within my budget but things have gotten away on me.

First I paid my bills on time, but like so many others, I wanted things I can’t really afford. My solution was to apply for credit. With my good previous history, a was able to get a cool card with a gigantic limit.  At first I only put a little on the card, and making the payments was easy and pain free. I continued this for a long time, only to open the monthly statement to realize my balance was now 4 times my yearly income. I had way over extended myself.

I knew I had to stop spending more than I make, but I just couldn’t. It started to get even worse when my kids kept asking for things, and I just kept buying them. After awhile, it got so bad, I was now taking cash advances on my credit card just to make payments on my credit card.

The first thing I figured was I needed to cut off the kids.  I asked them if I could stop helping them, but they begged and cried because they had become dependent on me paying bills they should be responsible enough to pay themselves.  I kept pushing them, but they literally protested in the streets until I caved in. To keep their love, I kept paying their way for them.

To make it worse, many of their friends figured out I am a pushover, so they knocked on my door and asked me to fix their cars, help them catch up on their mortgages, and even to pay the banks back for some checks they bounced.  Like an idiot, I did. This added a huge amount to my credit card balance – but at least I made these other people happy.

I’ve gotten a few raises along the way, and while this helped a little bit, there was no way I was ever going to make enough money for this house of cards to work.  Fiscal disaster was on the horizon, as my credit cards were just about maxed out, and I just couldn’t pay down the balance fast enough. I kept saying – if I just had more money.

In desperation, last spring, I asked the credit card companies to raise my limits…  AND THEY DID!  How crazy was that? This gave me a little breathing room, but I just kept spending and spending, and now it looks like the end is finally near.

I need your help. Seeing as I can not control my spending, and I can not get the kids to stop demanding money, with my card maxed out, it will force me into a personal disaster of  defaulting on my credit cards, house payment, and car loan.

Will you please donate money to me so I can keep up my spending habits?   Please???

So who am I?  The United States Government.

The Democrats solution is to tax more. Unfortunately, you can claim that taxing the rich will solve the problem, but you’ll never be able to tax enough to make it work.

The Republican solution is to reduce spending.  I really do make enough money, I just spend way too much.

Nov 6th 2012 – The kids voted. They voted to keep their spending habits and the fiscal cliff is coming. Selfish bastards.

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