What you MAY NOT know about home insurance

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What you MAY NOT know about insurance

There are many considerations in selecting home insurance.  One you may or may not know of is “Family liability protection coverage”.  This protects you for medical expense in the event that someone is seriously injured on your property.

Many people choose $100,000 in protection, but an accident resulting in someone who has to be in intensive care for a week, or who has an extended hospital stay on top of intensive care may eat up that $100,000 in protection rather quickly.  Once the $100,000 is exhausted, a client is personally on the hook for anything above that, and the home typically ends up with a lien.

An increase in protection to $300,000 can cost as little as an additional $35 per year.  It’s the kind of options that a good insurance agent points out to clients to ensure the client’s assets are protected, and something the online quoting systems just can’t show you!

Also, you may want to cover yourself with at least a Million Dollar umbrella policy. Sounds exotic and expensive, but is actually awesome and inexpensive.

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