Stop Renting – First Time Home buyer myths

No more excuses. Go buy a home!

The housing market has changed dramatically, and everyone should be taking advantage of some of the most affordable home prices, and lowest mortgage rates in history. You may be hearing a lot in the news today that in some markets it is cheaper to own than it is do rent. It’s true!

Stop listening to the doom and gloom drum beat the media plays. Bad news sell newspapers, so that is the spin they like to portray.

Common myths and misconceptions may be holding you back but shouldn’t.

  • My credit is not the best at this present moment: OK then stop delaying and start on the path to improve your credit scores. The vast majority of people can turn bad credit to good credit in less than a year – IF YOU WORK ON IT.
  • I do not have money for a down payment. Did you know you can buy a home worth $100,000 with just $3500 down payment?  There are many acceptable sources of down payment. Savings, 401k retirement plan, sale something, tax refund, or even a gift from a relative.
  • I do not feel comfortable with the economy:  WHO DOES?  But you have to live somewhere, so make that somewhere a place of your own?
  • I don’t think I will qualify for a mortgage: It takes just a few minutes for a licensed mortgage Loan Officer to review your basic information. There are no obligations, and you are committing yourself to nothing by talking to a Minneapolis, St Paul, or Duluth MN area mortgage lender. It really isn’t  as scary as some people think being a first time home buyer.

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