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Equal Housing Lender - Our services available only for properties located in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Licensed as Mortgages Unlimited, Inc. NMLS #225504. As a Lenders One partner, we are part of the 5th Largest Retail Mortgage Originators Group in the country. We were consistently ranked as on of the top lenders in Minnesota, by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. Any use or duplication of any materials is  strictly prohibited.  All images, text, and materials Copyright 1998-2011. Metzler Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

How do I control when an untrusted applet or application runs in my web browser?

Java 7 and higher introduces the ability to manage when and how untrusted Java applications (i.e. an application that is digitally signed by an unknown publisher, or a certificate that has not been issued by a trusted Certificate Authority) will run if they are included on a web page. Setting the security level within the Java Control Panel will determine whether

  1. You are prompted before an untrusted java application is run (MEDIUM or HIGH) or

  2. Untrusted Java applications will be blocked so they cannot run (VERY HIGH).

The default setting blocks out site.

So just add us as a trusted site.. we really are...  :)

  1. In the Java Control Panel, click on the Security tab.

  2. Click "Edit Site List".

  3. Enter our location

  4. Click ADD to save changes made to the Java Control Panel.

  5. Click OK to end, and everything should work

Find the Java Control Panel

Windows 8
Use search to find the Control Panel

Windows 7, Vista

Windows XP


Mac OS X 10.7.3 and above