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Why do we request you pay today?

  • Credit reports are not free. The credit bureau charges us, and we simply pass on their exact cost with no mark-up. By encouraging people to pay upfront, we get to keep our interest rates and other closing costs significantly lower than the competition. Simply put, I don't have to charge you more later to cover the cost of people who don't pay today. This is one way we can offer lower interest rates than other lenders.
  • You will be charged the cost of a credit report at closing anyway, so does it really matter much if you pay today?
  • Crazy as it sounds, many unscrupulous people fill out a loan application thinking lenders will give them a free credit report. We are not in the business of giving free reports.
  • We know you are a serious applicant. Those pre-paying for their report get top priority in the approval process.

Will inquiries lower your credit score? 99% of the time it doesn't. There is a lot of misinformation about this, and it isn't anywhere near the concern most people think it is. Visit to find out the truth about inquiries on your credit report.

Already have a recent credit report from another mortgage lender? I can use it for my initial review. If MUST be another lenders report. Anything you can get yourself, like from Credit Karma is NOT usable to us. You can use our secure upload system to send it to us.

Can I get a copy?
Yes, you may request a copy of the credit report (with scores) for your records. This is actually a much better deal than the "Free" credit report companies.

Can I continue without paying?
Yes, we will still process the basic application, but we will only initially review 1 of your 3 reports required for approval (it costs less). This only gives us a partial picture of your situation, and may give incorrect information. We can not give a pre-approval based on just one credit score. The other two reports will be pulled later if you decide to move forward. You will be charged for the reports in your closing costs, and our initial quote may change based on the information obtained from the other two credit bureaus.

The cost varies, but is approximately $15.95 for a single applicant, and  $28.77 for a joint application.

Questions? Call (651) 552-3681

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Your credit report is one of the most important aspects for loan approval. All lenders need a credit report specific to this transaction to assist you. We will use this report to underwrite and approve your application. You will be charged for your credit report fee at closing, but we request you pre-pay today.

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